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I am trying to update a row on a specific table of my database.

UPDATE `Search`.`credentials` SET `status`='0' WHERE `id`='30';

and i am getting the error

ERROR 1205: 1205: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction  
SQL Statement: UPDATE `Search`.`credentials` SET `status`='0' WHERE `id`='30'

I have set the timeout to 200

show variables like 'innodb_lock_wait_timeout';

| Variable_name                   | Value|
| innodb_lock_wait_timeout | 50     |

The database is been used, but not all the time, and not the table I want to update

mysql> show open tables where in_use>0;

|Database| Table                         | In_use | Name_locked |
| db1        | PayInformation          |2         | 0                       |
| db1        | KeyMapping              | 4        | 0                       |
| db1        | NoticeInformation     | 2         | 0                       |
| Search  | companies                | 1         | 0                       |
| db1        | ContractInformation | 5         | 0                       |

some times there are more lines concerning the Search database, but none that is using the same table that i need to update.

and from the process list i get


|  ID  |  USER  |  HOST         |  DB          |  COMMAND  |  TIME  |  STATE  |  INFO  |
|  xx  |  me      |  my.ip:44604  |  Search  |  Sleep        |        1  |              |  NULL  |

Any ideas?


Some other connection was running something really long - probably longer than 50 seconds.

Possibly another connection is in autocommit=0 mode, but just sitting there, forgetting to do a COMMIT.

If you can, get the PROCESSLIST before it times out. Also do SHOW ENGINE=InnoDB STATUS;

Provide SHOW CREATE TABLE credentials. Look for other writes to that table, and check for index usage.


The problem (probable) turned out to be that i didnt close a ResultSet, inside Java. The strange thing is that MySql was not informing me that someone was using that table at all! Let alone that I thought results sets are closed when the method they are in is terminated. apparently not ;)


Try see if your MySQL Server had a process in running.

To see that, run the command on MySQL Client:


See id, state and info columns and analyze the problem. After you find the problem, kill the process with:


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