I have a schema on a server that returns and half I need to replicate it to another server, so I'll la and do an expdp on server1 sending the file to server2 and do an impdp. Solve the problem.

However, I wanted to know if I can not do the expdp and generate the file, but do an impdp directly on the destination without generating the file.

That would save a lot of time.

Original question on SoPT - Como fazer datapump aplicar diretamente no schema destino
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Using Network Link Import to Move Data

When the Import NETWORK_LINK parameter is used to specify a network link for an import operation, SQL is used to move the data using an INSERT SELECT statement. The SELECT clause retrieves the data from the remote database over the network link. The INSERT clause uses SQL to insert the data into the target database. There are no dump files involved.


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  • Very quick your response. I will read the documentation and try to apply, soon return to mark as answered, of course, if it works. Thank you. – David Mar 2 '17 at 16:55
  • Reading the documentation, it will not be possible, as I have long columns and I use some` types`. I will put it as resolved, because the technique you mentioned solves the problem in general. Thx – David Mar 2 '17 at 18:05

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