I'm following the Oracle documentation to create indexes with Oracle Text. The problem is, when I update my data and want to synchronize my index with the CTX_DDL.SYNC_INDEX procedure (according to the step 4 of the documentation), there is no change.

I don't post my code because it is exactly the same as the documentation.

An idea about the source of this behavior?


To perform this operation, the user who executes the SYNC_INDEX procedure has to be the owner of the index. So, in my case, I had to give the execution rights on the package with the CTXSYS user:


Now, I can synchronize my index with myuser:

EXEC CTX_DDL.SYNC_INDEX('idx_docs', '2M');
SELECT SCORE(1), id, text FROM docs WHERE CONTAINS(text, 'city', 1) > 0;

I got the same result as the documentation:

  SCORE(1)         ID TEXT
---------- ---------- -------------------------------------------------
         4          2 <HTML>Paris is a city in France.</HTML>
         4          4 <HTML>Los Angeles is a city in California.</HTML>
         4          5 <HTML>Mexico City is big.</HTML>

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