I am trying to create a database as portrayed in the following diagram:

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This is the SQL-DDL code I have written:

    PublisherName      VARCHAR(50)     NOT NULL,
    PublisherAddress   VARCHAR(50)     NOT NULL,
    PublisherPhone     VARCHAR(50)     NOT NULL,
    PublisherEmail     VARCHAR(50)     NOT NULL,

    CONSTRAINT pk_Publishers PRIMARY KEY (PublisherName)     

    GroupName    VARCHAR(15)     NOT NULL,
    HeadWriter   VARCHAR(15)     NOT NULL,
    YearFormed   CHAR(4),  
    Subject      VARCHAR(15)     NOT NULL,

    CONSTRAINT pk_WritingGroup PRIMARY KEY (GroupName)

    GroupName        VARCHAR(15)     NOT NULL,
    BookTitle        VARCHAR(50)     NOT NULL,
    PublisherName    VARCHAR(50)     NOT NULL,
    YearPublished    CHAR(4)         NOT NULL,  
    NumberPages      INTEGER         NOT NULL,

    CONSTRAINT pk_Books               PRIMARY KEY (GroupName,BookTitle),
    CONSTRAINT books_pub_fk1          FOREIGN KEY (PublisherName) REFERENCES Publishers (PublisherName),
    CONSTRAINT WritingGroups_Books_fk FOREIGN KEY (GroupName) REFERENCES WritingGroup(GroupName)

INSERT INTO publishers VALUES('P01','12345 h st ','+1 215 837 0825','e1@gmail.com');
INSERT INTO publishers VALUES('P02','6789 s st ','+1 215 967 9719','e2@gmail.com');

INSERT INTO books VALUES('GroupName1','title 1 ','P1','1994',50);


However when running the query I get the following error message:

[Exception, Error code 30,000, SQLState 23505] The statement was aborted because it would have caused a duplicate key value in a unique or primary key constraint or unique index identified by 'PK_PUBLISHERS' defined on 'PUBLISHERS'.
Line 38, column 1

Can anybody see where the mistake is? This is my first time writing a database and I really dont see where I am going wrong. Thanks in advance.


The problem is in the books insert

INSERT INTO books VALUES('GroupName1','title 1 ','P1','1994',50);

You have a foreign key constraint, books_pub_fk1, referencing publishers, but you don't have a publisher P1, it is P01.

This is for referential integrity.

You will also have the same problem once this is fixed with WritingGroups_Books_fk as you don't have a group record in WritingGroup named GroupName1

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