I'm using Visual Studio 2015. In Explore Server, I create a new DB.mdf file.

When I right click on "Tables" I don't have the option to create a new table.

Do I need to install something in order to create MDF files' tables?


The appropriate way to do this with visual studio is to:

  1. Install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio.
  2. Create a SQL Database project.
  3. Use the tools within the project to create and modify your database objects.
  4. Use the publish feature to push your changes to the database.

Using a DB project allows you to easily leverage source control, and define build configurations for your databases.

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  • I'm using Visual Studio 2015 Professional. According to MSDN, I should be able to create tables using VS. What's happening? I'll install SQL Server Data Tools. – Iskra Mar 12 '17 at 20:43
  • Installing SQL Server Data Tools has solved my issue. "Add new table" is now available. Next project I'll create a dedicated SQL Database project. Thank you – Iskra Mar 13 '17 at 14:00

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