I'm trying to configure external slave connecting to Aurora RDS. To my delight, I run into a silly problem where the Aurora cluster name - assigned by AWS - exceeds permissible MASTER_HOST limit of 60 characters.

I want to use the cluster name (not IP) since it can be dynamically changed by Route53 on failover.

Can anyone suggest a solution?

enter image description here


Create a DNS CNAME record in one of your own domains and use the cluster endpoint hostname as the target of the CNAME record. Then set MASTER_HOST to that alternate (shorter) name.

MySQL has no problem with another name in the resolution chain being longer than the somewhat arbitrarily-chosen 60 character hostname limit.

  • In addition to solving the problem, you also provided a way to "humanize" the otherwise ugly cluster endpoint. Thanks! – Slawomir Mar 17 '17 at 17:45

The way I resolved it is I clicked on Modify in AWS/RDS console and shortened the DB Cluster Identifier so the resulting cluster endpoint fit in 60 characters.

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