two method compared 1. use test; create table t (a int); 2. create table test.t1(a int);

my result is the first one can log the binlog but the second one can't not

use test;create table t(a int);

mysqlbinlog -v mysql-bin.000005|grep create
use `test`/*!*/;
SET TIMESTAMP=1490090893/*!*/;
create table t(a int)

but when I do not use "use", DML cannot log in binlog,can tell me why?

create table test.t(a int);

mysqlbinlog -v mysql-bin.000005|grep create test.t

Do you use statement based or row based logging? If it is statement based then you most likely have binlog-do-db set in your replication filters e.g. binlog-do-db=test so that only queries where the default database is test are written to your binary log.


USE test;
CREATE table t . . .

USE test;
CREATE table otherdb.table . . .

both appear in your binary logs, but

USE otherdb;
CREATE table t2. . .

USE otherdb;
CREATE table test.t . . .

Don't appear.

In the first instance your default database is test, in the second it is otherdb.

see: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/replication-rules-db-options.html

  • hi,I have no binlog-do-db=test item, and I test row basement and statement statement, both of them need to add "use test" while data log in binary, is differenet from mysql document ~~ strange ! and mysql version is 5.5.9 – LawrenceLi Mar 21 '17 at 12:27

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