After setting a cluster with 3 shards, 3 config server with 2 mongos.

enter image description here

I see these errors in the monitoring agents Failure during discovery.

What do they mean I tried to see it on the internet but no luck. enter image description here

  • Does monitoring agent not work? It means you don't have any statistics and performance graphs available for your deployment? If yes paste 10 lines before and after the errors from log file monitoring-agent.log. Please also paste the mms-automation-agent.log from the host in question. – Josefine Mar 22 '17 at 12:14

The answer came in with adding a documents into the seetings collection inside the config database.


use config

show collections

db.settings.insert({ "_id" : "chunksize", "value" : NumberLong(64) })

db.setting.find()           ---#to check

This worked for me.


From those error messages, I can see that there is "name resolution" problem. Like dcixcfitrmdbs03.dcicloud.local what points to "localhost" address obviously.

  • Inserting the below line in the db.settings worked. – sairavula Apr 11 '17 at 17:44

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