In Sybase server-side language how can my code test whether it's running in chained or unchained (auto-commit) mode?

Examining the status of @@TRANCOUNT is not really conclusive.

I gather that there must be a way as for instance, JDBC provides getAutoCommit which is able to detect whether the connection is in auto-commit (unchained) mode or not. But how do I do that from within a stored procedure?

I've found this question but it seems to answer for SQL Server only.


Sybase ASE's default mode is unchained, as I suspect you already know.

You can use SELECT @@tranchained; to see the status for the current session's transaction chaining mode.

The result is either 0 or 1, per the following:

0 = unchained
1 = chained

Transaction chaining mode can be modified with SET CHAINED ON; or SET CHAINED OFF;

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