We had two MySQL 5.6.35 Server in our organization working as Master/Slave replication. The replication was working fine in this situation. But we have a new requirement to place another server which will be replicated from the slave server.

For example:

Server1 - Will work as master

Server2 - Will work as slave in Server1 perspective and will work as master in Server3

Server3 - Will act as slave and will receive replication from Server2

Kindly help me on that.

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You are asking for Master --> Relay --> Slave. This is quite possible.

  1. Server2: STOP SLAVE
  2. Server2: Pretend it is a Master and do the operations necessary to add its first Slave (Server3). (Dump data Server2, copy to Server3, etc)
  3. Server2: START SLAVE

Be sure to turn on log_slave_updates and log_bin and have different server-id.

Why do you want M->R->S? It is a rather unusual setup. Is it the start of something more grandiose? I ask because there may be other tips to impart.

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