I need to get all predicate of SQL (that was included in ANSI standard any version). Some databases (Oracle) have FORALL predicate. But I am not sure if that is part of the SQL specifications.

Does it include this predicate?

P.S. Please, do not send me to the standard. My English is not so good to I can get it otherwise I wouldn't ask it here.


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Searching through a copy (of a draft) of the 2011 SQL Standard, there is no mention at all of a FORALL keyword.

Neither in the main document ("Part 2: Foundation (SQL/Foundation)") which describes the core SQL language nor in the extensions document ("Part 4: Persistent Stored Modules (SQL/PSM)") which describes persistent routines and server modules. There are several control and repeat structures and keywords (DO, ITERATE, FOR, LOOP, WHILE, REPEAT) but not FORALL.

Postgres docs also have an extensive list of SQL Key Words (taken from the 92, 2008 and 2011 versions of the standard). No mention of FORALL there either.

FORALL seems to be a keyword only in Oracle's procedural language extension to SQL.

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