I have 2 tables. For simplicity, first table Parent contains only id and name. Other table Child contains id and parent_id.

There are going to be many parent rows with the same name. They will have different childrens, so I want to be able to select a parent row only if it has childs from the list I provide.

Let's say I want a Parent with name 'test' only if it has Childs with id (223, 224, 225).

So far I achieved this with following query:

SELECT p.*, GROUP_CONCAT(c.id) as childs
FROM `parent` p
    INNER JOIN `child` c ON p.id = c.parent_id
WHERE p.name = 'test'
GROUP BY p.name
HAVING childs = '223,224,225'

However I think it's not a good solution if it uses id concatenation

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    What is exactly the question? Could you please add a sample data and a desired result? – McNets Apr 13 '17 at 14:42
  • You need ORDER BY c.id inside the GROUP_CONCAT. – Rick James Apr 13 '17 at 21:48

You can apply conditional aggregation

HAVING sum(case when c.id in (223,224,225) then 1 else -1 end) = 3

This assumes that those ids are unique.

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