Postgresql full text search to_tsvector() function returns a sorted array of lexemes. I need exactly the same function, but returning unsorted array of lexemes. Is there any such postgresql function already available or I need to do it myself? How to do it?

I need it for Jaro-Winkler string similarity function, for which order of strings/words is important...I need tsvector only because of language support for lexemization. Actually, I just need to leximize text, e.g.

select array_to_string(tsvector_to_array(to_tsvector('english', 'I just want to lexemize this string and keep the original order of lexemes...')), ' ');

This gives me leximized text which is OK, except lexemes are ordered alphabetically instead their original relative order in original text...

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This function seems to work, Please, suggest if there is a better way.

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.tokenize_orig(
    p_string text,
    p_dictionary regconfig)
  RETURNS text[] AS
/* This function turns documents into array of lexemes, keeping original order of lexemes. */ 

select array_agg(lexeme) 
    select (arr).lexeme as lexeme 
        (select unnest(tsv) arr 
        from to_tsvector($2, $1) as tsv) arr 
        where array_length((arr).positions, 1) > 0 
        order by (arr).positions
    ) as qry

  COST 100;

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