I have a postgres query that returns a result set simplified as follows, with an id column and two json columns.

my_id     |  col_a       |  col_b
(integer) |  (json)      |  (json)
 5001        ["a", "b"]     <NULL>
 5001        <NULL>         ["c", "d"]

My question is: what is the best way in postgres to aggregate this result? e.g.:

my_id     |  col_a       |  col_b
(integer) |  (json)      |  (json)
 5001        ["a", "b"]     ["c", "d"]
  • please, add your query.
    – McNets
    Apr 21 '17 at 23:46

Unless I don't know your actual query, you can JOIN rows where col_a is not null with rows where col_b is not null.

create table test(my_id int, col_a json, col_b json);
insert into test values
(5001, '["a", "b"]', null),
(5001, null, '["c", "d"]');
    select t1.my_id, t1.col_a, t2.col_b 
    from test t1
    inner join (select my_id, col_b
                from test
                where col_b is not null) t2
    on t1.my_id = t2.my_id
    where t1.col_a is not null;
my_id | col_a      | col_b     
----: | :--------- | :---------
 5001 | ["a", "b"] | ["c", "d"]

dbfiddle here

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