I want to know is it possible to install mongodb directly to the ESXi without guest OS? Please tell me how to setup Data storage as a service environment inside ESXi.

  • There is no MongoDB for ESXi in the supported platforms. I don't think you can use another binary and use it "bare-metal". Mongo needs a full OS. – joanolo Apr 26 '17 at 20:10
  • Can you suggest me any other option that will allow me to setup a Nosql database as a service environment inside ESXi? – Sayed Uz Zaman Apr 27 '17 at 16:01
  • Is there any reason why you can't have a VM with an OS in that metal? – joanolo Apr 27 '17 at 19:29

Answer is simple, you cannot do that! MongoDB cannot operate without OS, period!

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  • What ate the options to setup a nosql database inside ESxi to provide Nosql database as a service? – Sayed Uz Zaman Apr 27 '17 at 16:03

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