We had a few spreadsheets get imported multiple times into a database so we now have duplicate data (which of course had primary keys etc been assigned this would not have happed...)

However - the issue at hand is I need a way to return the data associated with the smallest (oldest) date for each PN in the database. Below is a sample of the data and the structure. I tried to use Top 1 but I realized there was no rhyme or reason to what SSMS deemed as the 1st entry.

What would a query be for the syntax below to return the oldest date - expected returned results:

Number One 111111 2014-01-01
Number Two 2222 2014-02-22

Sample DDL ->

  Declare @Test Table (pn varchar(200), ECN int, d1 date)
  Insert Into @Test (pn, ECN, d1) Values
  ('Number One', '111111', '2014-01-01')
  ,('Number One', '111111', '2014-01-31')
  ,('Number One', '111111', '2014-02-14')
  ,('Number Two', '2222', '2014-02-22')
  ,('Number Two', '2222', '2014-02-25')
  • [HS] please, don't delete your question when people make answer, that's rude. BTW, here is something that should make you understand group by sqlfiddle.com/#!9/cca27a/1
    – Blag
    May 10 '17 at 22:14
  • @Blag - Sincerest apology. Thank you for that sqlfiddle that does help clear things up. May 11 '17 at 2:01
SELECT pn, MIN(d1) AS [oldestDate]
FROM @Test

pn          oldestDate
Number One  2014-01-01
Number Two  2014-02-22

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