We have an analysis service cube contains:

1 Measure = All_Calls_Count

2 dimensions = Month & Call Status

The All_Calls_Count reflects the count of rows on the fact table as shown : Count of rows

Is it possible to create another measure that count all rows with only Call_Status = Rejected ? How ?

The below picture shows the desired output when browsing the cube : enter image description here


You can try:

  1. create a Calculated Member (clic on Calculation tab and then on New Calculated Member
  2. define it with the MDX expression you want

In your case, it could look like that: enter image description here

A more detailed example here.

  • Thanks @irimias so much that worked and got me the desired output. Just in case i needed to do that in the future ; is it possible to filter with more than one dimension for example Count for rejected + from country = USA ? Thanks again for the guide and the provided – Osama Waly May 11 '17 at 13:30

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