I am sitting with lots of data in multiple xml files, which I would like to convert to relational data, for better being able to analyze it. Are there any tools that can transform the data / import to a database with a minimum of work?

In this specific case, the data will map very nicely to relational data, It is not completely flat, but the structure have a simple parent-child nesting. However there are no IDs, so keys and foreign keys will need to be generated.

I have been looking at Xpath queries, SQLXML Bulk load, SSIS and so on, and they seem to be too much work. Yes I know, I am being lazy, but knowing that the xml schema may change from time to time, I don't want to put too much work in it, I just want an easy way to summarize the data, without having to tinker with building a database schema manually, and then scripting queries to populate the DB.

Any tips or tools?

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