I'm trying to export the full database using the datapump API, I tried to use this following code:

handle NUMBER;

nom_job varchar(25) := to_char(SYSDATE,'YYYYMMDD_HH24MISS');
nom_dump varchar(25) := nom_job || '.dmp';
nom_log varchar(25) := nom_job || '.log';


    operation => 'EXPORT',
    job_mode  => 'FULL',
    job_name  => nom_job



    handle    => handle,
    filename  => nom_dump,
    directory => 'C:\Backup_folder',
    filetype  => 1



    handle    => handle,
    filename  => nom_log,
    directory => 'C:\Backup_folder',
    filetype  => 3



    handle => handle,
    skip_current => 0,
    abort_step => 0



    handle=> handle



But it gives me this next error:

ORA-39001: valeur d'argument non valide
ORA-06512: à "SYS.DBMS_SYS_ERROR", ligne 79
ORA-06512: à "SYS.DBMS_DATAPUMP", ligne 2926
ORA-06512: à "SYS.DBMS_DATAPUMP", ligne 3162
ORA-06512: à ligne 21
39001. 00000 -  "invalid argument value"
*Cause:    The user specified API parameters were of the wrong type or
           value range.  Subsequent messages supplied by
           DBMS_DATAPUMP.GET_STATUS will further describe the error.
*Action:   Correct the bad argument and retry the API.

the line 21 is :


Where is the problem exactly in that function?


In the Argument 'Directory' of the ADD_FILE procedure, i should specify the name of the directory created by the next command instead of the actual path:

create directory backup_folder as 'C:\backup_folder'

PS: the name of the directory specified in ADD_FILE should be in upper case (CAPITAL LETTERS).

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