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A full database backup was started at 15:46:00 using the following cmd:

backup database IF_BROWNS to disk = 'C:\temp\IF_STDINT_{0}.BAK' (where {0} = timestamp, e.g. 2017-05-16T15-46-00.0831634+01-00)

The IF_BROWNS database was in Full recovery mode at the time. The backup took 34 seconds to complete. There are no other backups (full, differential or log) available.

I want to restore the database to the earliest point in time possible, i.e. 15:46:00. This Microsoft article implies that that the backup will normally be restored to the database's state at the end of the backup, i.e. 15:46:34

     *Full database backups represent the database at the time the backup finished.*

I tried using the Timeline button on the restore dialog and although it gave the impression that I could restore to 15:46:00, it did not actually make any difference to the generated restore cmd, and the restored database definitely contains data changes made after 15:46:00.

I can find articles describing how to restore to a point in time or LSN if I have a log backup, but as I said before I do not have that.

Here is an image of the restore dialog, showing times and LSNs:

enter image description here

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