I have SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition installed on Ubuntu, whis is free for development purposes:

SQL Server 2016 SP1 Developer is a fully featured free edition licensed for use as a development and test database in a non-production environment.

I wanted to install SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu as well. For Windows, on the SQL Server download page, there are three options - a trial evaluation, SQL Express (free but limited), and SQL Developer (free for non-production environments).

However, for Linux, there's just links for installing on Red Hat, Ubuntu, or SUSE.

When installed on Ubuntu, SQL Server 2017 (v.Next) says:

Enter the SQL Server system administrator password: 
Confirm the SQL Server system administrator password: 
Configuring SQL Server...

This is an evaluation version.  There are [174] days left in the evaluation period.

Is there a SQL Server 2017 Developers Edition for Linux? If so, where so I go to access it?

Note: This isn't a question about licensing, per se; it's about whether a 2017 version of the product I'm alreasdy using is available.

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2017, May:

SQL Server 2017 hasn't been released yet (only previews) so no licensing or pricing is available yet (the name v.Next should have been a clue!).

2017, Dec:

SQL Server 2017 for Linux was released in October and the Developer Edition is free for development purposes, as in previous versions.

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    v.Next should have been a clue! – underscore_d May 20 '17 at 21:29

There are multiple edition but you can only buy the Standard Edition online,. The current price is $3,189.

SQL Server 2017 Standard edition is available to buy online. Easily upgrade to Enterprise edition for comprehensive high-end datacenter capabilities.

The other edition require you to contact a "Solutions Partner"

The developer edition remains free.

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