Running SQL Server 2017, using the interactive REPL client sqlcmd how do I get the time for Query Execution?

You can sp_BlitzErik showing this in his answer here,

SQL Server Execution Times:
  CPU time = 1859 ms,  elapsed time = 321 ms.

I think that what you're looking for are the SET STATISTICS commands:

They work for me using sqlcmd on windows:

sqlcmd windows

  • Cool this is what I'm looking for. Dec 12 '17 at 17:57

I agree with Joe's answer but want to mention about a built in switch which give you few more data point. You can do it with -p switch.

Prints performance statistics for every result set. The following is an example of the format for performance statistics:


x = Number of transactions that are processed by SQL Server .
t1 = Total time for all transactions.
t2 = Average time for a single transaction.
t3 = Average number of transactions per second.

All times are in milliseconds.

If the optional parameter 1 is specified, the output format of the statistics is in colon-separated format that can be imported easily into a spreadsheet or processed by a script. If the optional parameter is any value other than 1, an error is generated and sqlcmd exits.

With optional 1 with p switch.enter image description here

By default this will add a footer to the query that looks like this,

Network packet size (bytes): 4096
1 xact[s]:
Clock Time (ms.): total         1  avg   1.0 (1000.0 xacts per sec.)
  • I believe this would likely be the clock time for the client which includes network transit and the like. But it's a good answer. ;) Dec 12 '17 at 17:57

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