I am using SQL Server 2014 Express

It seems that restarting SQL Server when an event such as a Data Lock happens is not (always) such a good idea. http://www.sqlpassion.at/archive/2016/08/08/restarting-sql-server-always-a-good-idea/

I want to ask specifically about the problem that a SQL Server Restart will roll-back uncommitted transactions.

My colleague ran SELECT @@TRANCOUNT and got zero. Therefore he assumed that restarting the SQL Server would not result in any kind of roll-backs. Nevertheless, a position which was moved from one table to another, got moved back after the restart.

Are there any situations where roll-backs would happen even if SELECT @@TRANCOUNT would return zero?

  • There is a specific T-SQL command: SHUTDOWN which will gracefully shutdown the server, waiting for pending transactions in flight to commit. May 23, 2017 at 18:54

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As per docs online:

Returns the number of BEGIN TRANSACTION statements that have occurred on the current connection.


This is a connection level variable. If there were transactions open for connections other than the one your colleague ran his query on, there could have been open transactions.


I believe that counter will show the number of explicit transactions, so you may not be getting the results you are expecting.

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