In the past I used to setup MySQL/MariaDB manually on Windows boxes but don't remember exactly how. I unzip the .msi file and put every binary file into the desired place. I write a custom my.ini file including required InnoDB settings like autoextend but also log directory. Now I want to generate the mysql defaults database. According to the documentation it's not possible to provide the mysql_install_db.exe tool with a path to the my.ini file. All files are generated into a single folder including a my.ini file I don't need.

How do I generate the database manually into my individual folder hierarchy?

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I call mysql_install_db.exe with the correct --datadir argument and root password and have all files generated. I call mysqld --remove to delete the windows service. I call mysqld --install-manual [ServiceName] --defaults-extra-file=my.ini to finally set up the service using my very own my.ini file. When this service is started up for the first time using net start the innodb-files are created freshly in the folders defined in the my.ini file. The system database mysql uses myisam table format and had not touched the innodb files.

  • mysql_install_db.exe does not create service if you do not ask for one, so you can skip mysqld --remove step Commented Sep 30, 2017 at 10:39

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