I want to make my SSIS project can be configure through project parameters. So I use project parameters to store connection strings. But the connection string which I copied from the mysql connection manager not working. After I assign the parameter value which I copied from the connection manager it self, to connection manager by expression, It says:

An error has occurred while connecting MySQL Server: Could not create a managed connection manager

How to fix this? I think this is a problem about connection string.

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    Can you post the connection string that is being derived? – Mr.Brownstone May 31 '17 at 5:11
  • Start by hard-coding the connection string. If it works hard-coded, then the problem isn't the connection string, but something with how you're managing the parameters. – RDFozz May 31 '17 at 14:16

There are many things that can causes this issue:

  1. You are running under 64Bit mode

in the project properties window, go to Debugging tab, and set Run64BitRuntime as false. and try again.

  1. If SSIS Server and DEV Computer have different Connector/.Net Versions

This will occur after deployment

  1. You are missing the provider in the connectionstring

You have to add ;Provider=MySQLProv or ;Provider=MSDASQL or other provider name (if you are not using these providers) to the connection string


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