I have a parent-child-hierarchy with MemberWithData=NonLeadDataVisible. I tried different values for MembersWithDataCaption, but I always get name of datamember equal to name of inner node. I am using SSAS 12.0.5538.0.


  • Where to set MemberWithDataCaption, Parent or Key?
  • MemberWithDataCaption is a formatstring, how does it work? For
    simplicity I set the value "parent" without effect (after deploy and process).
  • What are the conditions for MemberWithDataCaption to actually work?

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My problem was I used a translation (german) and left the translation for MemberWithDataCaption empty. An other pitfall is a formatstring without a '*' does not work.


  • Set MemberWithDataCaption of the Parent and any translations

  • In the formatstring the first star is replaced with the original name, succeeding star will not be replaced.


formatstring   original name   resulting caption
constant       Charly          Charly
* (dm)         Charly          Charly (dm)
(*) *          Charly          (Charly) *
  • The conditions are:
    • Set MemberWithData=NonLeafDataVisible
    • Use a Formatstring containing a '*'
    • If you use translations, provide a translated formatstring

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