For application startup I had to open a table as part of some DAO.recordSet code.

 DoCmd.OpenTable "User", acNormal, acReadOnly

On running user tests, I want to distribute the desktop application as a run-time file (.accdr) but the access table is visible. All I can find is how to hide navigation area objects.

I, of course, do not want the table visible to users, so my question is how do I hide it?


This article at TechRepublic offers two approaches.

One is to set the table as hidden.

Right-click the object in the Database window.

Choose Properties.

Click the Hidden option.

The other is to rename the table.

Another way to hide a table is to add the prefix Usys to the table's name.

Both aren't really secure, as the object is still accessible, but it's not visible at least.

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