I am new to SQL DBA Administration. Please help me understand the below scenario.

As it is really confusing. Please help.

What does it mean keeping the Auto Growth in Percentage.

For example:

My SQLLOG Drive (E:) is 300 GB in total.

If I keep 10 % Auto Growth will it take 10% of 300 GB which is 30 GB.

Every time the transaction file needs space it occupies 30 GB of total 300 GB ?

What does 10% Auto Growth mean actually ?

To which file this 10% Auto Growth applies and how space is utilized based on this Auto Growth 10 % ?

Please help me understand this scenario.


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    This is a pretty straightforward concept - have you tried reading some of the top search result articles on it? They explain it well. – LowlyDBA Jun 12 '17 at 14:42
  • Thank you @JohnM for the response . the link was so clear. – Sil Ence Jun 12 '17 at 15:25

10% autogrowth means that your file will grow by 10% of the file's current size.

Let's say you log file is currently 10GB, and set for 10% autogrowth. The first time it grows, it will grow by 10% of 10GB, or 1GB, becoming an 11GB file. The second tie it grows, it'll grow by 10% of 11GB, or 1.1GB, becoming a 12.1 GB file. The next time it grows, it'll grow by 10% of 12.1 GB, or 1.21 GB, becoming a 13.31 GB file. And so on.

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