I am using the procedure xp_logininfo to find out what groups a user belongs to.

I have created an AD group called SQLDBA, and added myself to it, then created a login and granted sysadmin to the group.enter image description here

EXEC xp_logininfo 'mydomain\myname','all';

enter image description here

But still when I try to login to that SQL Server instance, using windows authentication, it says I don't have a login?

Where to look at in order to troubleshoot this?

enter image description here

the error message:enter image description here


18456 (login failed) needs the STATE value to know why it failed. Look in the error log. – Sean Gallardy

Are you sure that if you added yourself tot he group that this sql server is connecting to a domain controller that has the updated info? If you have multiple domain servers it may take some time to have that info replicate a across to all servers. – Jeff A

This is the most comprehensive guide I have seen so far:

You need the state first to use that document. – SqlWorldWide

After you created the AD group and added yourself to it, did you logoff/login? AD Group permissions are only enumerated at login (e.g. the Kerberos Access Token). – John Eisbrener

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