In the process of moving data from live to the dev system (completely isolated), I have been given a series of "insert into" files for the affected tables.

One of these tables contains a clob that houses stupidly massive sql queries, so the file contains stupidly massive amounts of text that cannot be inserted via the insert statement...

So, the question is, how can I import the data for this table?

  • What kind of file did you get? Is it a data pump dump or is it a kind of CSV file?
    – jmk
    Jun 17, 2017 at 16:52

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Since they are sql insert files you can only import them using the sqlplus utility. I'd say a dumpfile in this case is the best solution.


You'll need to ask for a DataPump export file of this particular table. Here's how you you do it:

create or replace directory DATA_PUMP_DIR AS '/path to dump file/';

expdp userid=SYSTEM/PW@\"localhost:1521:[source database name]\" full=n include=tableowner.tablename directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR dumpfile=tablename%U.dmp logfile=tablename_expdp.log

Then import:

create or replace directory DATA_PUMP_DIR AS '/path to dump file/';

impdp userid=SYSTEM/PW@\"localhost:1521:[target database name]\" FULL=Y DIRECTORY=DATA_PUMP_DIR CONTENT=ALL LOGFILE=tablename_impdp.log DUMPFILE=tablename%U.dmp

If the person doesn't have the system password, use the schema owner instead, or connect using os authentication: expdp userid=\"/ as sysdba\" ...

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