I have a simple C# app that iterates through all databases on a server examining their schema. As such it performs a SELECT name from sys.database, iterated through those and does a SELECT name from sys.tables WHERE name='Something'. Then if it finds the table its looking for it does some queries, and does stuff with the data.

The connection string has an application name. If I setup a trace with a column filter on that application name looking for start/complete transaction, start/complete stored procedure, and complete statement. I see the queries I perform on the actual database tables, but not the queries to sys.databases and sys.tables.


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There's nothing inherent in Profiler that would prevent those queries from being displayed. I think you're just not catching the right events. It sounds like you're filtering for Stored Procedure events. Try also filtering for TSQL events.

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    Yes I'm going with it was a PEBKAC error. Commented Dec 10, 2014 at 14:55

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