I cannot see all queries with v$sql_monitor or gv$sql_monitor. I can see some queries, none of which have /*+ MONITOR */. I have tested a query with MONITOR and it still did not show. I thought it might just be a big explain problem, so I adjusted my session with:


select first_refresh_time, last_refresh_time, 
status, sql_text 
from v$sql_monitor 
order by last_refresh_time desc;

, but it didn't help. What I am trying to do is see query submitted via an application. The query works, so I know it is hitting the database. I simply cannot see the query in Oracle.

What am I doing wrong? I am using SQL Developer if that matters.


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Oracle explains the V$SQL_MONITOR view in its official documentation.

Looks like it only keeps the record there for a minute or two, or until it needs the space to show the other queries.

The original answer was posted as a comment by @MguerraTorres


SQL Monitoring will be triggered if one of the following conditions is present:

  • query is taking more than 5 seconds of CPU time or
  • query is taking more than 5 seconds waiting on I/O or
  • query is running in parallel or
  • /*+ MONITOR */ hint was present in the query

In other words, if your query is a very fast one, doesn't run in parallel and doesn't have MONITOR hint, it won't be monitored.

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