I have created a Database Project in Visual Studio 2010 for a database which is in 2008. I am having issues in deploying the database as I don't know why, but at the time of deployment in some procedures


But I intended to switch in ON at the time of deployment.

  1. Is there is any setting from which I can control QUOTED_IDENTIFIER settings in my database project?.
  2. Is there any place within database project from where i can switch it on by default at the time of creation or altering..?

QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is a connect-specific setting. You can see what sessions have it set through the sys.dm_exec_sessions DMV.

But if you are looking to set the default of the instance, you can configure this through sp_configure:

exec sys.sp_configure 'user options', 256
reconfigure with override

See this BOL reference on user options config.

To set this on the database level, you would do:

alter database YourDB
set quoted_identifier on

BOL reference

Within Visual Studio 2010, the option can be found under Properties -> Database.sqlsettings. Below is a screenshot showing the option:

enter image description here

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