I am currently using Sybase Central 15.x. In which I have a database, a login and a User. Here I need to give permission(s)/role(s) to a user by which it able to extract ddl of database. There I found that if I give sa_role then user can extract ddl. But as I know sa_role make a user as a super user(sa). So I need to know that there exist any other permission/role to do the same task.

  • What DDL is the user trying to extract, and what tool are they using to extract the DDL? – markp-fuso Jul 13 '17 at 14:10
  • "A database script which includes all objects" is my "DDL" and we are using "ddlgen" command. – maddy Jul 14 '17 at 4:22

From the ASE Utility Guide; Section: ddlgen, regarding Permissions required to use ddlgen:

Users must have either sa_role or sso_role to generate DDL for:
- Encryption keys
- Logins
- Roles
For all other objects, users do not need any specific permissions or roles to generate DDL

Is your user receiving errors when they attempt to use ddlgen (and if so, what errors)?

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