Does Microsoft SQL Server 2008 create any statistics on its own? Or is it implemented in later versions? I know the way how can we create statistics, how query optimizer uses the statistics in query plan generation

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SQL Server creates index-level statistics (all versions. at least starting with 2000) on index creation (it also updates them when rebulding indexes)

SQL Server can also create column-level statistics (AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS should be set to ON) when it needs them to elaborate execution plan.

Here the things change: these statistics are also created in versions < 2012, but only for read write databases. Starting with 2012 these column-level statistics can be created in tempdb if the database is readonly, and prior to 2012 it could't, so you could see a yellow triangle "missing column statistics" in your execution plan when executing in read only database. More on this here: SQL SERVER – Statistics for Read-Only Database are in TempDB


If Auto create statistics is true? -Yes, will create stats.

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