I like to use "with clauses" as filters: it makes my queries more "functional" in the linearish functional programming style x= a.b().c().filter(condition).sum() sense (obviously, SQL is one giant functional language, it's just a bit obtuse).

If I am careful about avoiding groupings, distincts or orderings, and only use a CMT in one following query/CMT, will Redshift dispense with the temporary table, and just treat it like a filter? Monitoring seems to suggest this to be the case.

For instance, will this query create two temp tables, or will the planmer say: "hey! no need to store any data…"?

with FilteredList as (
          select col1, col2 from Table
          where col1 is not Null
     MoreFiltering as (
           select col1, col2 from FilteredList
           where col2 is not Nill
select col1+col2 as Summo 
from MoreFiltering;

If you want to know what is going to do the planner. I would suggest to do EXPLAIN

I would say your planner will execute both CMT

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