I'm on Windows 10, and SQL Server 2012 Developer, with SSMSBoost installed.

I want to assign Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F to do SSMSBoost's Format command. I do it through the normal Tools → Options → Environment → Keyboard → Keyboard method, and the shortcut works. But when I quit SSMS and reopen it, the shortcut setting is gone. Doing Exports of the settings in each state and diffing the two files also reflects this difference.

How do I get it to remember the shortcut between runs?


No added keyboard shortcuts stick at all, for any command. Oddly enough, deleted ones do stick.

  • I cannot reproduce your problem, but I'm using SSMS for 2016 and the latest SSMSBoost for that version of SSMS. I was able to add a keyboard shortcut for Ctrl-K, Ctrl-F and assign it to SSMSBoost.Format (making sure it was to be used in Sql Editor). I tested the shortcut and it worked. I then got completely out of SSMS and brought it back up - the shortcut still worked for me - not sure if a later version of SSMS and SSMSBoost might fix your problem. – Scott Hodgin Jul 25 '17 at 20:22
  • Of course that doesn't demand that you update SQL Server itself...... should I worry that the download page docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/… has a number of failings of English grammar? Either it's been put there by hackers????? or Microsoft programmers are losing the ability to communicate with human beings... I blame the emoji; we should have seen this coming. – Robert Carnegie Jul 25 '17 at 20:58

On further investigation, this seems to be a bug in SSMSBoost, at least on the current version (3.0.6397). Uninstalling it makes the keyboard shortcuts work normally. :(

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