I want to use hstore in my postgresql server running on CentOS 7 but hstore.control is not in my postgresql extension folder. I searched for that and came up with the solution to install postgresql93-contrib for postgresql version 9.3. But when I want to install the package, there is no package available for that. How can I solve this issue?


CentOS 7 was released on 2014-07-07. PostgreSQL 9.3 was released on 2013-09-09. You would think it would have 9.3, but nope. CentOS 7 uses PostgreSQL 9.2 which was released on 2012-09-10 and hits End-Of-Life in September 2017.

Find the official instructions for using the non-CentOS repos here. PostgreSQL maintains it's own packages too. The official packages from PostgreSQL for CentOS are available here,

Or just use something that updates more than once every 5 years -- like Debian.

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