Reviewing some of the regression tests for PostgreSQL, I can see

SELECT x, x IS OF (text) AS is_text FROM q;

This apparently dates back to 7.3

Add IS OF / IS NOT OF type predicate (Thomas)

Is this form supported. In my own code, I would have written,

pg_typeof(x) = 'text'

But I like IS OF better.

  • I cannot find this in the docs, so I guess it's not really supported. Jul 27, 2017 at 14:03

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It's not documented, yet, but it is certainly supported and should be moving forward. It's actually in the SQL 2011 spec as type predicate.

8.19 <type predicate>
Specify a type test.

<type predicate> ::=
<row value predicand> <type predicate part 2>

<type predicate part 2> ::=
IS [ NOT ] OF <left paren> <type list> <right paren>

<type list> ::=
<user-defined type specification>
[ { <comma> <user-defined type specification> }... ]

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