I have this tSQL code which works OK:

a.b.value('./PropertyValue', 'varchar(max)') asd
  FROM [dnn].[dbo].[EventLog2] c

cross apply sss.nodes('/LogProperties/LogProperty[PropertyName=sql:variable("@x") and PropertyValue=sql:variable("@y")]') as a(b)

However, what I want to be able to do is pass in a dynamic list of many pairs of values which are OR'd between each one, i.e.

a.b.value('./PropertyValue', 'varchar(max)') asd
  FROM [dnn].[dbo].[EventLog2] c

cross apply sss.nodes(
'/LogProperties/LogProperty[PropertyName=sql:variable("@x") and PropertyValue=sql:variable("@y")
PropertyName=sql:variable("@a") and PropertyValue=sql:variable("@b")
) as a(b)

Is there a way of doing this?

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    To make sure I understand, there could also be @c and @d etc? – wtjones Sep 4 '12 at 22:15

Any parameter that needs a variable list or array is probably a good candidate for a user-defined table type. I would create the type as:

CREATE TYPE [PropertyVariableTableType] AS TABLE (
    PropertyName nvarchar(255),
    PropertyValue nvarchar(255) )

Table types can be used as parameters to stored procedures just as any other type. You can then either join on the user-defined table or iterate the rows to dynamically build the query.

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