I am trying to move sybase user database from one drive to another drive, can you please help me with procedure.

My database : Sybase ASE 16 OS windows.

  • What have you tried do to so far? I mean, searching the web for Sybase move database files yields a number of results, the first several of which are from SyBooks Online. Have you looked at these, and had a problem finding what you need there?
    – RDFozz
    Aug 2 '17 at 14:52

The officially supported method would be to use ASE's disk mirroring capabilities to move all devices.

  • make sure ASE dataserver is configured for disk mirroring (sp_configure 'disable disk mirror',0); requires a dataserver restart
  • run the disk mirror command for each device you want to move; once the initial copy has completed ...
  • run the disk unmirror command to make the mirror devices the new primary devices
  • when done, disable disk mirroring sp_configure 'disable disk mirror',1; there's a small performance hit for leaving this enabled when not needed; again, requires a dataserver restart

NOTE: If you move the master device, you'll need to update your startup script (and/or Windows service) to reference the new path for the master device.

There are some unsupported methods that consist of updating the master..sysdevices table and physically copying/moving the OS-level database files but ...

  • you'll need to research those for yourself (see @RDFozz's comment)
  • you'll need to accept full responsibility if you screw up and can no longer (re)start your dataserver

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