Run command for pt-kill

/usr/bin/pt-kill --ignore-state User lock --rds --match-command Query --victims all --match-user phppoint --daemonize --busy-time 10 --kill --print --log /var/log/pt-kill.log h=HOST,u=master,p=PaSS,P=3306

Queries are killed but not logged. Runs as root on Amazon Linux and file /var/log/put-kill.log exists and has 600 permissions


The command seems right.

You can try to debug using PTDEBUG:

PTDEBUG=1 (your complete pt-kill command with daemonize and log ) 2>/var/log/pt-kill.err 

Be careful to watch disk space; don't let it run in debug mode indefinitely.

  • I am on amazon linux and had to use sudo for the command (even as root user) and I also updated rc.local – Chris Muench Aug 7 '17 at 20:33

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