I'm thinking of using the new dynamic data masking that has been introduced with SQL Server 2016 as part of our GDPR project . Does anyone else have experience of it? I am particularly interested if there is a performance overheard.


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No, there is no overhead involved (not heard of any yet). I have used it in my Azure SQL Database and works like a charm.

Data Masking is a quick solution for data security as you can control the users who can view the data, but on a broader aspect this cannot be the sole security solution.

Please read below links for better understanding:

  1. Dynamic Data Masking (Microsoft documentation)
  2. Encrypting SQL Server: Dynamic Data Masking by Robert Sheldon
  • Thanks for that. I'm aware its a bit of a quick fix but we are looking at other options. We decided on this route because we felt column level encryption wasn't an option Aug 8, 2017 at 8:39

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