1. I have new server and i installed oracle 10g same like production. and I have databump full backup using sys user. I need to restore on the new server.
  2. I used the following command while database is not mounted but asks for directory parameter.


impdp full=y direcotry=/home/oracle/rmanscripts/dumbbackup dumpfile=sysfull.dmp logfile=full_db.log. 

please share me the steps to restore the database to a new server!


Data Pump uses directory objects. Read this:

Default Locations for Dump, Log, and SQL Files

First create the directory object as:

create directory dump_dir as '/home/oracle/rmanscripts/dumbbackup';

Then you can use that in your impdp command:

impdp full=y direcotry=dump_dir dumpfile=sysfull.dmp logfile=full_db.log


while database is not mounted

By this I hope you mean it is open. Data Pump needs a working database, even if it is empty.

  • direcotry :-) – Philᵀᴹ Aug 10 '17 at 7:44

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