by expect script we create the database hive and some other commands

in case we run the expect script again on the machine that hive already created

then we get - ERROR hive already exists

so how to verify database hive already created ?

And by this verification we can escape the expect script

# su - postgres
 Last login: Sun Aug 13 11:12:03 UTC 2017 on pts/0
 -bash-4.2$ psql
 psql (9.2.13)
 Type "help" for help.

postgres=# CREATE DATABASE hive;
ERROR:  database "hive" already exists

my expect script: ( from my bash script )

set timeout -1

#exec the scripts

spawn timeout 60 ssh root@IP
expect "#"
spawn su - postgres
expect "$"
send "psql\n"
expect "=#"
send "CREATE DATABASE hive;\n"

you can use IF EXISTS clause:

create database if exists hive;
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