How do I limit a SQL Server Profiler to trace only inserts, updates and deletes to a specific database?


You can narrow down the list by specifying DatabaseName or DatabaseID in Column Filters:


Note however that you need to check the box "show all columns" first.

As for inserts, updates and deletes you can filter by text column at the same place:

enter image description here

  • Note: You can't modify any settings or filters while your trace is running – Mayer Spitzer Jan 30 at 18:20

You can filter by database name or database id.

Use SP_trace_setfilter to filter for one database.

sp_trace_setfilter (Transact-SQL)

If you are doing from GUI (which I do not recommend, you are better off with a server side trace), click filter columns and then chose DatabaseName. See the picture below for doing it via GUI:

enter image description here

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