I Expdp a user with the name user_prd for example. I copied the dump file to another server, and I want to restore it with the name user_hom.

I tried remap_schema with no succes ( Im a SQL DBA, so it's hard to understand that schema is the name of the user, that is the database in SQL. I'm slowly learning )

I thought to rename the schema, but As said here, it's not a so good idea.

I read somewhere about fromuser touser. Is this right?

I could use remap_schema with users from inside the same server, like, there was the user_prd, and I just created the user_hom, using remap.


I'm trying this for now:

IMP SYSTEMUSER/PASS@TNS FILE=<myFile>.dmp fromuser=OriginalUser_prd touser=New_User_hom


bla bla bla IMP-0034 error

IMP-00034: Warning: FromUser "string" not found in export file

Cause: The user specified a FROMUSER name that does not exist in export file.

Action: Correct the FROMUSER specification.

Data pump is newer alternatives to "exp" and "imp" utilities used prior to Oracle 10G. The newer version is faster and efficient with more flexibilities.

You can use REMAP_SCHEMA parameter in impdp to achieve the goal.



Loads all objects from the source schema into a target schema.

For details, REMAP_SCHEMA

  • I just can't use EXPDP ( sorry, i learned this now haha ). I got an error message saying ORA-39143 may be an original export dump file , and reading on the internet, it says I need to use the deprecated IMP. It's really hard to find something about oracle. In SQL Server this is a really simple task. – Racer SQL Aug 24 '17 at 11:42
  • I tried now imp <TheUserIWantTheDatabaseToBe/Pass>@ORCL file=DumpFile.dmp full=y and still no succes. Jesus. The user I want the database to be was created already. But I got the IMP-00003 and ORA-01435 error messages – Racer SQL Aug 24 '17 at 11:54
  • imp <TheUserIWantTheDatabaseToBe/Pass>@ORCL file=DumpFile.dmp fromuser=TheCorrectUser touser=TheUserIcreatedToBeTheDatabase. I THINK IT WORKED THIS WAY. HELL YEASS. but just a question. When i say the I want to import a user, using another user. What does this mean? If I want to export users using the system, is there a problem on it? – Racer SQL Aug 24 '17 at 11:58
  • "In SQL Server this is a really simple task. " It's a really simple task in Oracle as well, but you have to take off your Microsoft goggles. – EdStevens Aug 24 '17 at 13:28
  • imp user1/pass@db file=1.dmp fromuser=X touser=Y Here user1 is an account under which the imp tool connects to the database. If user1 has the the right privileges - IMP_FULL_DATABASE role, then this user can do the import from one user to another. – Eduard Okhvat Aug 25 '17 at 3:50

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