I would want to tag many queries and mostly materialised view refreshing tasks as low priority in my RDBMS, in the fashion I run the web browser on the local machine as low priority (because JS, CSS, animated GIF do not deserve CPU time slices), the same way I do for C/C++ software builds, using a nice on Darwin and Linux supervisors.

Can I do that?

Can I do that in vanilla PostgreSQL?

Could I even couple initial job prioritisation with increasing to normal priority after a given timeout? Highways as real world analogy: in a normal situation there are slow traffic lanes and fast traffic lanes; but in a dense traffic situation all lanes get relatively slow, then unless for a very specific exceptional emergency services job that appropriates the lane.

Is this an oversight for the need of another family of DBMS (o-o, columnar, dwh...)?


This is talked about exhaustively on the wiki. You'll have to ask a more poignant question

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