I'm working on a project that requires a database user to have only SELECT and INSERT permissions for all tables in a database.

The following question provides a solution but I'd have to run the script every time I add a new table. Seems like it's specific to SQL Server 2000.

There must be an easier way?


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In my case, I have only a single schema dbo. So, instead of adding permissions to each table, it's easier to add it to the schema.


This way, each time a table is added to that schema the permissions will be applied automatically. For all my projects the schema rarely change (compared to the number of times a new table is added) so it's acceptable to run this one if a new schema is added.

Maybe other answers would provide a solution where the permissions can be applied at the database level?

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    To grant for the whole database just use GRANT SELECT, INSERT to [my_user] Aug 31, 2017 at 19:01
  • @DavidBrowne-Microsoft really? urgh, "couldnt see the forest for the trees" or something! Aug 31, 2017 at 19:10

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