PS H:\> Test-DbaDiskAlignment -ComputerName Test_Server
    WARNING: [Test-DbaDiskAlignment][22:09:54] Can't connect to Test_Server
    WARNING: [Test-DbaDiskAlignment][22:09:54] CIM query to Test_Server failed.

I am very new to using dbatools. Would someone be able to help me with this error please.

  • Works perfectly for me. Check computer name and if the account has permission to the computer. – SqlWorldWide Sep 6 '17 at 11:28

Check out this post, do you meet the minimum requirements? Is remoting enabled? https://dbatools.io/install/

Otherwise run it with the verbose flag and let us know what you get:

Test-DbaDiskAlignment -ComputerName Test_Server -Verbose

Also what version of both the dbatools module and powershell are you using?

Powershell version:


dbatools version:

Get-Module dbatools

Is SQL Server installed on this computer? If not, pass in the -NoSqlCheck switch parameter. If you don't use this switch and SQL Server isn't installed, it'll skip over the checks and report this error incorrectly.

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